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How high should I mount my Titan DX?

If you called and asked how high you should mount your Titan DX we would probably ask you how tall you are. Mount it up high enough so you can walk under it to cut the grass or whatever and not have to worry about poking your eye on one of the counterpoise rods.   This also puts it up high enough so little kids can’t reach it. The majority of Titans we have found are mounted on ten foot poles sunk about three feet in the ground or on one of our Quick Tilts with a seven foot mast.

If you wish to mount it closer to the ground that is fine but try to keep the counterpoise at least four feet off the ground.

The same would hold true if you are roof mounting the Titan DX.   Try to keep the counterpoise at least four feet off the roof.

Should I use anything in between the joints when I assemble a GAP antenna?

No! The use of any anti seize or conductive paste compounds is not recommended nor required.

What is the best way to disassemble a GAP antenna?

When you are ready to take a section apart, remove the screws holding the section in place. Then take a flat punch or a large machine screw and use it inside the larger ¼” outer holes to knock any burrs down that the self tapping screws may form in the smaller inner 1/8holes. If these potential burrs have been knocked down the tubes should slide apart quite easily. If they don’t realign the hole and tap these holes again. You will want to do this on any of the screws on sections that are sleeved together.   If you plan to disassemble your antenna to use for Field Day or a DXpedition, you will want to insert a screw in each hole and then remove it before sliding the tubes together. Now take a file and file off the burr that the screws pull up. This will take care of the burrs so you will not have to worry about them next time you take it apart.