This is the first antenna manufactured specifically to provide efficient low band operation from the typical backyard without a huge investment in time, money and space. The Voyager is not another “add a kit” antenna for 160m.

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Product Description

The GAP Voyager DX-IV incorporates the identical unique technology as in the Challenger DX-VIII to “open up” the low bands. Emphasis was given to 160m and 80m when designing the Voyager, because of the difficulties these bands create and the lack of previous technology to overcome them. Unlike the Challenger, the Voyager employs a capacity hat with circular ring to reduce the physical height to 45 ft. while maintaining an electrical height of 66 ft. A capacity hat is the most efficient way to reduce height, maintain band width and eliminate corona. As an integral part of the design, GAP technology uses parallel tuner rods to perform a number of functions, one of which is on 40m. They create a vertical dipole for increased low angle gain. Unlike the trap multiband antenna, the voyager utilizes the entire antenna on all bands. For those who detest the need to “alter” purchased antennas, no tuning or matching is required to put the Voyager on the air. If you have always wanted to operate the low bands, go for DXCC on 80m or WAS on 160m, now with Voyager, you can. If you want to work CW on 3.55 and SSB at 3.95 or switch to 20m and work a JA, now you can — without a tuner.


Noise is the unwanted companion of verticals — particularly on the low bands. The Voyager, like all GAP verticals, is a “quiet” antenna primarily due to a sleeved feedline and the use of a counterpoise. GAP Antennas eliminate the deployment of thousands of feet of radial wires “parallel to” the power lines which transfer power line noise.

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 104 × 10 × 3 in

160m, 80m, 40m, 20m

Bandwidth -- Under 2:1

Entire band on 80m, Entire band on 40m, Entire band on 20m, 160m over 90 KHz


45 ft


30 lbs

Wind Load

7 sq ft (Requires two sets of guy ropes)


Ground. Aluminum pivot and guy brackets supplied.


3 at 57 ft, Deployment pattern is very flexible.

Ground Area Required

4 guy anchor points 25 ft from base mount



5.00 out of 5

review for VOYAGER DX

  1. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    This antenna does just as it says. Works fine on 20M. Worked many stateside stations. Sure would be a great ARRL SS antennas. On 40 and 80M is where this antenna really shines. A real killer on 40M and certainly holds its own on 80M. As for 160M….this antenna works. It hears better than it transmit. Be surprised how many “alligator” stations out there. Have worked Caribbean and many EU om 160M. This is a sturdy antenna. It has survived some pretty stout wind storms. SWR is on the money. Love the no need for tuner or radials.

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