Your latest requests have been for an antenna that’s easy to setup, needs no radials, covers 10m-80m in addition to all the WARC bands and uses the same GAP technology found in our other products. In response to these requests GAP is proud to announce the newest addition to the family, the Titan.

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8 Band Multiband DX Antenna

The Titan is a center fed GAP vertical, that provides a host of benefits in a rugged, yet manageable form. The Titan offers broad, continuous frequency coverage in a no tune, easy to assemble format. Designed to work in a limited space or as the perfect compliment to an antenna farm.

One of the primary virtues of the Titan is the GAP center feed. By elevating the feed the earth loss is dramatically decreased, which means the RF is going out to make the contact instead of into the ground to warm the earth. Reducing the earth loss eliminates the need for a radial system. The Titan requires NO RADIALS.

Another key benefit the Titan provides is the ability to go virtually anywhere in the HF amateur spectrum, at anytime without having to make any adjustments. The Titan is the ONLY antenna marketed with total continuous coverage under 2:1 on 10m 12m 15m 17m 20m 30m 40m and 100 KHz on 80m. Titan’s broad bandwidth and no tune feature make it an ideal antenna for getting those multipliers during contests or switching frequencies as band conditions change.

The Titan is a respectable 25′ tall and weighs a solid 25 pounds. The Titan is configured to mount easily on a 1-1/4″ O.D. mast. This mast can be a length of your choosing and since the feedpoint is elevated this mast can be as short as a foot.

The first 8′ of the antenna is comprised of double wall tubing and where the Titan mounts to the mast the antenna is triple wall! Which means guys are not a necessity.

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10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m, and 100 KHz on 80m

Bandwidth Under 2:1

Entire band on 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, and 100KHz on 80m


25 ft


25 lbs


All hardware supplied except the 1-1/4" O.D. steel mast


4 rigid counterpoises 80" long each

Ground Area Required


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5.00 out of 5

reviews for TITAN DX

  1. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I love this antenna. My first true DX contact shortly after installing the Titan DX was FT5ZM, Amsterdam Island. A whopping 11422 miles from my QTH. This antenna just performs. I am trying to figure out how to get another one and get it “portable” for field day (I need to figure out the financial aspect to buy one and the assembly/portability requirements for transportation to/from field day). Wherever I may call home in the future, I will always have a Titan DX with me in addition to any other antennas.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I have been using a Gap “Titan” antenna for several years now. I find it’s low angle of radiation and very low SWR’s on all bands works extremely well for my DX operations. I can get thru most “pileups” on the first call. I often run high power (legal limit) and have experienced no issues. It has survived high winds on more than a few occasions without any damage. This antenna is a brute. I would recommend this antenna for anyone who is serious about their antennas. Jennifer – KQ4U

  3. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I bought this antenna after researching many others out there on the market. The performance of the antenna is very good on all bands just as GAP says it does, although 80m is very tricky. My only gripe is the instructions that came with the antenna to put it together, I would have liked more detailed drawings, although it was simple enough. In addition I think a guying kit should be provided as standard, and have had to guy the antenna against the strong winds we get her is Wales. Overall a fantastic antenna and SWR is virtually non existent on all bands, except the 80m one.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I bought my GAP Titan DX antenna in 2001 when I reactivated my interest in ham HF. My original installation was mounted on an 8 foot steel pipe on the surface of the ground and 4 point guyed. After several months of “testing” and confirming approximately 80 DX countries, I relocated the antenna to a push up mast with the antenna base at 30 feet and guyed accordingly (I do not recommend using a push up mast – the material is too flimsy for the wind loading on the antenna). My newest mounting is with a 12 foot steel pipe mast and the Quick-Tilt mount firmly anchored in the ground. The Titan DX is an amazing antenna, performs very well and other than performing some minor maintenance after 12+ years of use has been worry free. Now if we could just do the figures on how to phase two, three or four of these fabulous antennae………………

  5. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I have tried almost every 1/4 vertical antenna and have been very disapointed! However in the year 2000 I purchased a Titan DX and did not expect much! I was WRONG. The Titan performed great and the first thing I noticed was that the received signals were even stronger.
    NOW 2015. I just performed my first maintenance on the antenna. I replaced the internal harness and top jumpers. I removed my 7 ft ground mounted mast and added a Quick tilt assembly. I should have used a quick tilt 15 years agao, my back would not be aching today.
    PERFORMANCE. The Titan has given me my DXCC, first one in the 40 years that I have been licensed. I am very pleased with the antennas’s performance, durability to stand up to Chicago winters and I need to add that the customer service from Gap is EXCELLENT.

    My backround is TV ENG maintenace supervisor and former electrician. First licensed in 1967 and again in 1980.

    I highly recommend this antenna for DX work as it name implies. Al…. KC9YS and you can see a winter picture on the TITAN DX on my QRZ page.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I’ve had my Titan DX up for 6-8 weeks now. It’s 10′ off the ground on a galvanized mast. Although guying isn’t required, I did anyway. 80m leaves a little lacking although I suspected such since there’s only 100k bandwidth there. The SWR on 40m is a little higher than I’d like (1.8-2.5). I’m going to try to tweak that a little. 20m on down is great! Less than 1.5 SWR. I’ve DXed to 10 different countries (mostly on 20m, a little 40m) without a ton of effort using 100W and usually get a signal report of 57-59. Overall a great buy for a multiband antenna. I spoke with Chris at Gap once for info on tuning and he was very helpful

  7. 5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    I put up the GAP Titan because the Stepper antenna that I used was not very durable. I always had to mess with it all the time to keep it tuned . The GAP was very inexpensive. It went together easily with only a few mistakes on my part. The instructions were a bit difficult to understand. I thought the Titan was a little light in construction to stand up to northern Michigan weather. I would highly recommend guying it . The performance of this antenna was outstanding . 50watts took me around the world.

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