Here’s a testimonial for you…I was working stations (remote from MA) during the hurricane Monday night when I received a “HI SWR” warning from my computer. I then set the transceiver up to analyze the antenna and saw a 3.5-3.9:1 SWR. I was able to disengage the amplifier, and using the internal tuner continue to work my station in NC at S9+. I knew the wind must have damaged the antenna (it was gusting to 50 mpg) so I asked a ham friend to investigate. To my surprise, the problem was a tree that had been standing for about 72 years which fell on the cottage and destroyed the counterpoise. He tells me the rest of the antenna is fine!! What a trooper!! This Titan was un-guyed as well!
So, Rich, I will be purchasing a new counterpoise kit from you next spring – I got 3 great months out of this one – I am disappointed it could not hold up that tree HI HI. Hopefully we will not need to buy any more parts for a while!

I will also make the adjustments to the mounting you suggested and remove the coax choke when I make repairs in May.