I’m the proud owner of a Gap Titan DX! Attached please find some pictures. The antenna was purchased and erected on 12/16/1995. The antenna is mounted on top of a 20 foot flag pole. This summer I took the antenna down for some much needed TLC. I ordered what I call a re-build kit from Gap. All transition wires, and the counterpoise wire were replaced and everything was scrubbed with steel wool pads. The antenna looks new again! Yesterday I noticed the VSWR was high on 15 meters, so I called Gap and talked with Richard. It turns out that I didn’t place the offsets in the correct spot after scrubbing years of tarnish off the aluminum. With Richard’s help I was able to get everything in the correct place, and tuned again. Thank You again Richard for your help. Now the VSWR looks great across all the bands. While rag-chewing on 75 meters last night, the report was, “I’ve never heard you this loud”! As of today 11-3-09, I’ve worked 235 DXCC entities! I hope to work you soon.