Greetings and salutations, my, my how time flies when you’re having fun..on the bands that is. I am long over due on a follow up revies of my GAP Challenger DX antenna. Having had this up well over 3 years now, and it has had quite a bit of use, with pretty much little to no maintainence given to it. This antenna is still knocking them dead, i use it a lot, almost every morning on the Treasure Coasters Net on 7.153MHz, I switch between my Challenger and my 40 meter loop, depending upon band conditions. I usually switch back and forth frequently as band conditions on 40 vary frequently. One day while on the net, I had switched between the two antennas, and had finally settled on one antenna cause it gave me the best signal to noise ratio, I could hear every body, every body could hear me. Which is important when you are the net control station, well, went ahead finished the net and we were at the very end when I actually looked thinking I was on the loop when through out the net I had been using my GAP Challenger DX vertical. No wonder I kept getting, wow..sure are sounding here in..might have been Michigan, or New Brunswick, maybe Texas. I’m a believer in Rich’s product.

As I have stated before, these antennas don’t go together by themselves. I know, we guys aren’t supposed to have to read a manual..any manual, however..I strongly urge you to this one time. If you are going to assemble this antenna correctly..ya gotta read, sometimes reread the manual, hell, have it right beside ya when yer puttin the antenna together, you can use it as reference. Take the time, do it right the first time, then there wont be any bitching or moaning, this antenna ain’t worth a flyin flip..Well..did ya read the manual..probably not, or else you wouldn’t be saying what a piece of crap the antenna is.
I have known Rich and Chris for..Oh my..10 years now. Rich strives for and usually meets, but mostly exceeds excellence on his antennas. Attention to detail, thats what GAP antennas are made with, attention to detail on each and every part, Rich sees to that. If you ever have a problem, give Rich or Chris a call, they will bend over backwards to make sure you are satisfied that they have solved your problem.

Get one, just do it, get one, you’ll see what I mean. GAP Challenger DX antenna, perhaps the last antenna you’ll ever get..unless its another of GAP’s other great models to choose from.